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5 Free Things To Do In Savannah, GA That Are Perfect For Your Next Long Weekend Away

These fun activities won't break the bank!

​Maeve sitting in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. Right: The ferry on the Savannah River.

Maeve sitting in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. Right: The ferry on the Savannah River.

Georgia Contributing Writer

While enjoying your vacation to the fullest extent, it's easy for things to get out of hand budget-wise.

These free things to do in Savannah, GA are a great way to further explore the city without hurting your wallet.

You can escape into the Hostess City's great outdoors and explore our famous parks, gardens, cemeteries, and trails, or even take a boat ride across the river.

Whether you're more of an adventurous type or are just looking to relax and unwind, here are five things to do in Savannah that are completely free of charge.

Forsyth Park

Price: Free

Address: 2 W Gaston St., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: Forsyth Park is one of Savannah's most iconic landmarks.

Here you can take a walk under the shaded live oaks, go for a picnic in the large open green space, see a concert at the shell, or grab lunch near the fountain and the Collins Quarter restaurant.

You don't have to pay to park, and the park is always free to visit.


Bonaventure Cemetery

Price: Free

Address: 330 Bonaventure Rd., Thunderbolt, GA

Why You Need To Go: Bonaventure Cemetery is another must-see that won't cost a dime to experience.

Located in Thunderbolt, right on the water, this cemetery is shaded by dozens of old trees and boasts hundreds of years of history.

It is a beautiful place to experience the city's natural beauty and historic elements hand in hand, and admission to Bonaventure is always free.


The Ferry

Price: Free

Address: Savannah Belles Ferry, Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: Savannah Belles Ferry is a free water ferry that will tote you from River Street to the Westin Hotel on Hutchinson Island and back.

Admissions on the boat are free to all guests, and the short trip across the Savannah River is a great way to view the city and the skyline from a new perspective.


Savannah Botanical Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 1388 Eisenhower Dr., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: Savannah Botanical Gardens is a great place to escape the buzz of Downtown and the Historic District and appreciate nature.

Brick paths wind through various gardens, ponds, and pavilions with native trees and plants. Here you can take a walk and explore the sites and smells completely free of charge.


Colonial Park Cemetery

Price: Free

Address: 200 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: This beautiful historic cemetery is located in the heart of the Downtown Historic District and is a great place to take a quick stroll through during the day while site seeing.

Here you can see graves that date back to the 1700s and learn about the dark history of the area, as well as within the walls of the graveyard itself.

Admission to Colonial Park Cemetery is always free, and if you're feeling brave enough, you can see for yourself what lies behind the iron gates.


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