7 Spots Around Savannah That Locals Say Are Overrated Tourist Traps

Some say these touristy spots are best left off your to-do list.

Tourists at Savannah's City Market.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Tourists at Savannah's City Market.

Savannah, Georgia's fifth largest and oldest city, is a beautiful area to travel to. Its ancient live oaks serve as a backdrop to unforgettable experiences.

However, like most destinations, there are certain situations some may aim to avoid when visiting the ''Hostess City of the South'' to have a truly local experience.

Here are seven spots around Downtown Savannah you may want to skip when visiting so that you aren't spending money on activities Savannahians do not recommend doing.

The Lady & Sons

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen opened back in 1989, but it seems some people aren't too pleased with The Lady & Son's offerings. This Tripadvisor user, among many others 850 others, rated their restaurant experience as '"terrible" siting the food as "lukewarm, disgusting and reheated."

Slow Rides aka Pedal Pubs

If you aren't familiar with "Slow Rides" aka "Pedal Pubs", they are vehicles steered and operated on roads by their renters, who commonly drink alcohol while pedaling around Savannah's many squares. While this activity's well rated on Yelp, recent local reviewers say this physically exertive experience as "one of the worst," claiming "if you were to ask me I would want a refund but they never offered that to us."

Kay's Pizza

Formerly Sweet Melissa's pizza, customers say things are not the same since it changed to Kay's Pizza. One customer reports "The pizza was subpar and burnt. We ordered a salad that was not cheap and it was about one cup of greens, nothing more and wilted and brown. We got none of the sauces that we ordered. This was the worst pizza that any of us have ever had!"

City Market

City Market is one of the most popular streets in Downtown Savannah for people looking to dine and shop. However, some visitors find this tourist attraction "disappointing, and expensive." Others say "This shopping district tries to be something it's not. Area aims to be attractive and unique shopping district within Savannah. What it ends up being is tacky and unimaginative."

Hop On Hop Off Trolley Tours

Tourists frequently shell out money for the popular "Hop-On Hop-Off" trolley tours, which offer transportation to some of Savannah's popular sites. However, some visitors say this service is "This was the worst tour we have ever been on, they are usually our go-to when we have a half-day to view a city." While others call it "A complete waste of time." PRO-TIP: The DOT trolley is a free service that shuttles to 18 stops in The Historic District.

Congress Street Bar Hopping

Congress Street is one of the most popular destinations in Savannah when it comes to bar hopping. Unfortunately, recent homicides might deter future tourism . Another crime a few months ago made headlines , leaving visitors in a potentially risky position when partying after hours.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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