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​A plate of food from the Lady & Sons. Right: The exterior of the Lady & Sons restaurant.

A plate of food from the Lady & Sons. Right: The exterior of the Lady & Sons restaurant.

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Growing up in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, I learned three critical lessons: don't feed the geese at Lake Mayer, don't get stuck behind a bachelorette party on a pedal pub and don't be fooled by tourist traps posing as Southern comfort food.

This is exactly why as a local born and raised in this city, I only eat at Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons restaurant if I am trying to prove a point — that point being that this spot is highly overrated.

This famous place was opened by celebrity chef and former Food Network star Paula Deen back in 1996. It is located on Congress St. which is, for better or for worse, tourist trap central.

A line and drawn-out wait times are inevitable. All year round tourists flock to The Lady & Sons like sorority girls during rush week.

Their menu lists classic Southern staple foods and self-proclaimed "down home dishes" with inflated price tags that resemble fine dining more than grandma's kitchen.

The restaurant used to do a lunch buffet but now they've opted for "family style" offerings, which start at $24.99 a person to share dishes like fried chicken, beef pot roast and four sides with the entire table.

My biggest issue with the restaurant is the food itself. I could cope with the lengthy wait times and abundance of visitors in Vineyard Vines shirts if the food was worth the hype.

As someone raised by exceptional home cooks and with nearly a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, my standards for Southern comfort food are relatively high. However, it doesn't take an expert to conclude that The Lady & Sons culinary strategy is to go overboard with butter and salt. Their fried chicken is so salty that any other seasonings used are lost.

There are lots of incredible Southern spots in The Hostess City. If I want a good "down home" meal, I go to Geneva's Famous Chicken and Cornbread Co. for a fraction of the price.

If you're a fan of the Food Network or are looking to bring home a souvenir, you can always pass through The Lady & Sons adjoined gift shop.

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