An Atlanta Woman Shared 6 Places You Should Never Go While Visiting To Stay Safe

Avoid these places for your own safety.

Content creator Lola Kash in her video. Right: The Downtown Atlanta skyline.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Content creator Lola Kash in her video. Right: The Downtown Atlanta skyline.

Atlanta locals have gone viral in the past for sharing what not to do when visiting town. This Atlanta woman gained popularity with a video series sharing her list of "places where not to go".

Content creator Lola Kash (@lola.kash) revealed the top Atlanta destinations that are best avoided if you're passing a tourist through town for a visit:

  1. Downtown
  2. Lenox Mall
  3. Cleveland Ave.
  4. Metropolitan
  5. West End Mall
  6. South Dekalb Mall
Her reasoning varies from place to place, but the overall theme of the video is safety. Kash reveals that while in theory the swanky Buckhead neighborhood should be okay to visit, Lenox Mall is not.

"I know what y'all are thinking, 'it's in Buckhead, that should be safe.' No! It ain't. If you want to go in there for a quick in, in and out, get your clothes, get your drip, and get out of there. This is not safe. They're robbing, stealing and killing up there. I'm just telling you." she says in the clip posted this summer.

Other spots she suggests you steer clear from include the Metropolitan area, where she claims you can get your car fixed and subsequently stolen on the same street.

Kash also warns that while famous rappers often talk about Cleveland Avenue, this is also a street you'll want to avoid if you aren't familiar with this side of town.

Over 10,000 flooded the comments of the video and most locals agreed with Kash's advice. "Out of towners better listen to her, it ain't for you unless you know these back streets down here 😂😂" one user wrote.

This isn't the first time Georgia locals have used TikTok to warn visitors about dangerous places to visit in the state.

Recently, a nurse shared that the one place in Georgia you should never visit is the infamous Lake Lanier. Nearly 700 people have died at this mysterious lake with a chilling history.

Georgia is a beautiful state with plenty of unforgettable sites ready to be explored, but if you're a tourist unfamiliar with the area, the best thing you can do is listen to locals and steer clear of spots that are potentially dangerous.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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