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Canada's National Vaccine Committee Now Says People Need To Get Their 2nd Dose ASAP

Some provinces have already announced that appointments will be moved up.

People across the country should be offered their second doses of COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible, according to a new recommendation from Canada's national vaccine advisory committee.

In updated guidance released on May 28, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) said that this new advice comes because of an increased supply of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada.

Priority should be given to those who are at a higher risk for severe illness and death, NACI said, and eligible Canadians should be allowed to get their second doses while other people are getting their first doses.

On May 28, Ontario announced that the time between doses will be reduced from 16 weeks to four weeks, which means people can book appointments for their second doses sooner.

Quebec and B.C. have also announced that second dose appointments will be moved up for residents.