Shania Twain Flexed Her French & Even Threw A Chicken Nugget In A New Interview (VIDEO)

She also showed off her juggling skills!

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Amelia Dimoldenberg. Right: Shania Twain.

Amelia Dimoldenberg. Right: Shania Twain.

Shania Twain just appeared in the popular YouTube series Chicken Shop Date, and it's the U.K.-Canada crossover we didn't know we needed.

The country crooner was seen having the time of her life as she showed off her juggling skills, chucked a chicken nugget and even flexed her French.

If you haven't heard of the hit YouTube series, it features the host, journalist and comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg, sitting down with different celebs in – you guessed it – a chicken shop in London.

This particular video, posted on March 10, begins with Shania sitting opposite Amelia, who is dressed in the iconic leopard print outfit from the "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video.

"I feel like I'm looking at myself right now," Shania jokes.

To which Amelia cheekily replies, "Why would you say that?"

The hilarious interview touches upon Shania's view on chicken nuggets ("I love chicken nuggets, if they're not chicken"), and only drinking liquids (rather than eating) on nights that she's performing.

If you're wondering about the reason for the latter… "It's just so that I don't burp on stage!" Who knew?

The duo also discuss the fact that Shania has never met Brad Pitt (and how she thinks he might be avoiding her) and her latest album Queen Of Me, and there's also a hilarious exchange where Shania absolutely refuses to give Amelia Harry Styles' number.


"I've got something to impress you with," Amelia proclaims midway through their date.

"Okay," Shania responds, adding that she "likes to be impressed."

Amelia pulls out three balls and proclaims she can juggle, to which Shania responds "so can I!"

Her attempt, however, is both hilarious and a little lacking, and leads Amelia to say "that don't impress me much." Ouch!

When Amelia also pulls out some chicken nuggets, Shania attempts to throw one into her mouth, leading to a funny sequence of events that leaves the former to dramatically proclaim, "Wait, I'm scared!"

After agreeing to another date, the video ends with Shania teaching Amelia a little French

"Si tu aime le poulet," she says, which translates to "If you like chicken."

If this one was anything to go by, we already can't wait for the next Chicken Shop Date!

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