Brad Pitt Had The Best Response After Shania Twain Snubbed Him For Ryan Reynolds (VIDEO)

He was asked if Reynolds stole his "thunder."

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Brad Pitt. Middle: Shania Twain. Right: Ryan Reynolds.

Brad Pitt. Middle: Shania Twain. Right: Ryan Reynolds.

Brad Pitt has finally weighed in on a cute interaction between Shania Twain and Ryan Reynolds that excluded the American from a classic Twain lyric, but it seems it's all good feelings.

At the People's Choice Awards in December, Twain performed her famous hit "That Don't Impress Me Much," but when it came time to deliver the line, "Okay, so you're Brad Pitt," Twain instead sang, "Okay, so you're Ryan Reynolds."

Reynolds, who was sitting in the crowd, looked absolutely delighted and taken aback at the compliment from his fellow Canadian and appeared to mouth, "Oh my god, me?"

While it was definitely a cute moment, one question remained: How did Brad Pitt feel about this change up?

Over on the TikTok account The Movie Dweeb (@themoviedweeb), Pitt was recently asked how he felt about Reynolds stealing his thunder in that moment.

"He didn't steal it," Pitt graciously responded. "I think we can share the wealth there."

"Ryan's a good egg, too," Pitt continued. "He deserves some love."

As for future swaps in the song, Pitt even had some suggestions.

"Next time she ought to sing it to Austin Butler," he said. "Maybe Leo in between and then Austin Butler."


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As for how Reynolds felt about the whole situation, he recently chatted with Student Chief Derek Monias from an Ontario high school about the viral moment.

"Well, I think we can all agree, it's about time," Reynolds cheekily said.

The Deadpool actor was set to receive the People’s Icon award later that evening and admitted he was feeling a little nervous about giving his speech, so the fun moment helped him alleviate some stress.

"I just felt the whole thing was a little embarrassing, so when Shania called it out, I was so grateful because it took the tension out of my body in a good way, made me think of something else for a second," Reynolds explained.

Who knows who Twain will pick next?

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