Shania Twain Has A New Man For 'That Don't Impress Me Much,' Sorry About It Brad Pitt

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is old news too!

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Shania Twain. Right: Shania Twain in the "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video.

Shania Twain. Right: Shania Twain in the "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video.

Shania Twain shared which celeb should get name-dropped in "That Don't Impress Me Much," and it's bad news for Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds.

The Canadian country queen recently chatted with Radio Times, as reported by Deadline, and the leading man she picked for her iconic bop might not be who you'd expect.

When asked who she would choose for a 2023 rendition of the song, she picked none other than Channing Tatum.

She then tried to sing the actor's name in the song before confirming it all fit.

"'Okay, so you’re Channing Tatum.' Yeah, that works," Twain said.

She explained to the outlet that she chose Tatum based on the trailer for Magic Mike's Last Dance, which of course featured Tatum showcasing some sexy moves and getting intimate with Salma Hayek.

An understandable pick!

It's not the first time Twain has changed up the lyrics to the song.

Back in December, while performing at the People's Choice Awards, instead of singing "Okay, so you're Brad Pitt, That don't impress me much," she sang, "Okay, so you're Ryan Reynolds."

When the camera cut to Reynolds' face, the fellow Canadian appeared to say, "Oh my god, me?" with a look of shocked delight.

While some may think Pitt would be troubled by the usurper potentially stealing his thunder, it seems all is well between the two men.

"He didn't steal it. I think we can share the wealth there," Pitt said. "Ryan's a good egg, too. He deserves some love."

Now the question remains: How do Pitt and Reynolds feel about Tatum?

Only time will tell!

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