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Shawn Mendes Was So Excited To Show The Documentary Director His Childhood Home

He says his little sister was so chill about being on camera!

Canadian star Shawn Mendes' hometown pride shone through while filming his documentary, the director says.

In a private press conference, Grant Singer, director of the recent documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, recalled some sweet moments during his visit to Pickering, Ontario with Shawn.

"Shawn's like, 'I can't wait to show you my house'," he said.

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I just followed him in his house and he took me to his bedroom and it was in the same way as if someone you know was taking you to their house. Grant Singer

Shawn also chatted about another heartwarming moment that occurred in Pickering when picking up his sister from her boyfriend's house.

"I was like, guys let's just take it easy. She just finished school like there's a lot of equipment here, I don't want to overwhelm her."

"She just walked in, and she goes, 'sup?' and then keeps talking," he laughed.

"I felt like she handled the camera better than I have and I do it for a living."

Shawn Mendes further gushes about his hometown in his documentary, which is available on Netflix.