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Shawn Mendes Once Opened Up About His 'Suffocating' Ontario Hometown

He has mixed feelings about his hometown of Pickering.
Shawn Mendes' Pickering Hometown Is 'Suffocating At Times'

Ontario's very own superstar Shawn Mendes once admitted that he has mixed feelings about his hometown of Pickering.

In an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2016, the singer opened up about growing up in Ontario and what he was like in high school.

With his fast-paced lifestyle, the star admitted that being back at home can feel "suffocating at times."

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With the life I live and always moving, [Pickering] is a little suffocating at times.

Shawn Mendes

However, Mendes also has a soft spot for the Toronto-area city.

"It’s also the most comforting place in the world," he said to Rolling Stone.

About his time at Pine Ridge Secondary School, Mendes said, "I was an average student. I wasn’t any stand out."

In fact, his new Netflix documentary In Wonder will give viewers an intimate glimpse into his life offstage. 

"This isn't a story about a famous musician," the singer says in the trailer. "It's a story about a guy growing up."

Hopefully, the film tells us more about how the star really feels about his humble Ontario roots.

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