Shawn Mendes Is A Singing Crocodile In A New Movie & You Need To See It To Believe It (VIDEO)

Shawn is rockin' the croc'!

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Shawn Mendes sitting in a field. Right: Lyle The Crocodile in the shower.

Shawn Mendes sitting in a field. Right: Lyle The Crocodile in the shower.

Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes is looking a little bit green in the trailer for his new film Lyle, Lyle Crocodile.

However, that's not because he's looking unwell, but because he plays the eponymous computer-animated Lyle Crocodile.

If you were wishing for an animated crocodile with the voice of Shawn Mendes, it seems your (weird) prayers have been answered!

The new film, slated to come out this fall, is based on a children's book series which follows the adventures of Lyle the Crocodile as he navigates big-city living along with a family of humans.

This adaptation will star Mendes as Lyle, as well as voice performances from Javier Bardem and Constance Wu.

From the ad, it also looks to be a musical!

Along with Mendes' famous singing voice, the film will feature music written and composed by duo Benji Pasek and Justin Paul.

The duo are notable for their contributions to the hit movie The Greatest Showman, as well as their work on Broadway.

As for Mendes' performance as Lyle, not a lot is known other than the trailer.

He seems to be belting out some original songs from the movie, as well as the Stevie Wonder classic "Sir Duke."

His character also eats and then regurgitates a cat in this preview, so there seems to be a whole lot more going on other than singing in the upcoming flick.

While we will be waiting a few months before we get the chance to see and hear him in action on the big screen, it is a wild experience seeing an animated crocodile with the pop star's voice.

It's something you might have to get used to if you're a Mendes super fan.

While the city that Lyle the Crocodile lives in is likely not Mendes' own GTA, you can, if you're lucky see the Canadian singer hanging out in the 6ix every once in a while (crocodile).

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