A 'Reckless' Ontario Car Gathering Was Caught On Camera & Speeds Reached 200 km/h (VIDEO)

It looks a scene out of Fast & Furious. 🚗

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A 'Reckless' Ontario Car Gathering Was Caught On Camera & Speeds Reached 200 km/h (VIDEO)

A recent car gathering in Pickering had people doing donuts at an intersection and driving at over 200 km/h, and honestly, it looks like something out of the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

Durham Regional Police say they are looking for witnesses of a "reckless" gathering of around 30 vehicles that took place at an intersection in Pickering, Ontario, on February 12.

Police attended the scene near the intersection of Clements and Squires Beach roads after being tipped off by residents and business owners who complained.

When Air1, the regional police helicopter, surveyed the area, it captured something that most of us have only seen in a mid-2000s action movie: several hundred people gathered, ripping donuts in a completely blocked city intersection at around midnight.

Durham Regional Police Service | YouTube

The video posted by Durham police appears to show drivers pulling stunts just a few feet away from onlookers.

Smoke and sparks (or possibly snow) are seemingly flying off a vehicle as people hang out of the sunroof and windows, recording videos. The clip also shows people on foot filming with their phones as they narrowly avoid the car spinning around them.

The police report says that "others were observed climbing street light posts to record the event."

As officers arrived on scene, the gathering quickly dispersed, with some cars allegedly ripping away at over 200 km/hr on Highway 401 westbound.

"Officers did not initiate any pursuits out of concern for public safety," the report says.

Given that most participating vehicles had their licence plates either covered or removed to avoid detection, Durham police are now appealing to witnesses who might have seen the gathering or even have dashcam footage of what went down.

At this time, there is no evidence that either Vin Diesel or Ludacris were present!

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