Someone Was Seen Hanging Off The Back Of A Transport Truck On An Ontario Highway (VIDEO)

OPP are trying to track them down.

Ontario Editor
Someone hanging on to the back of a transport truck on the QEW.

Someone hanging on to the back of a transport truck on the QEW.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is investigating after a video showed someone hitching a ride on the back of a transport truck on a highway.

Police said it happened around 12:00 a.m. on March 8 on the westbound QEW near Burloak Drive in Burlington. In the video, a man can be seen clinging to the back of the transport as it's moving at full speed.

According to OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, the person filming the video in another vehicle alerted the transport driver as they passed by.

"The driver of that car then motioned to the truck driver that there was something wrong," Schmidt explained in a video posted to Twitter. "The driver pulled to the shoulder, and as he stopped the male [...] jumped off."

The only description police have of the male suspect is that he was wearing a black jacket and grey pants. They said he was last seen running up the off-ramp to Burloak Drive.

Schmidt said Burlington OPP were called to the scene but couldn't find the suspect.

It also seems like if it wasn't for the person who caught this on video, the transport truck driver would've had no idea this happened.

"He had last loaded and stopped at a yard in Milton about half an hour earlier," Schmidt explained, and said the driver, "has no idea when or how this person jumped on the back of the trailer and hitched a ride."

Schmidt described what happened in the video as "very dangerous behaviour" and "something that we don't ever want to see," which he said could also cause serious injury or death, especially if someone hanging on to the back of a transport fell off the back while it was driving down a highway.

OPP said their investigation into this incident is ongoing and have asked anyone with information to contact them.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
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