Starbucks & Tim Hortons Are Offering Free Coffee On Remembrance Day To Veterans In Canada

Those who are currently serving can also get free coffee!

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Starbucks & Tim Hortons Are Offering Free Coffee On Remembrance Day To Veterans In Canada

To honour those who served and are currently serving, Starbucks and Tim Hortons are commemorating Remembrance Day by offering free coffee.

Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members will be able to go to locations all over Canada on November 11 and be treated to a hot drink but the two coffee chains have slight differences to their offers.

At Tim Hortons locations all over the country, free hot drinks will be given to veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members on Remembrance Day. Any veterans or Canadian Armed Forces members in uniform or showing appropriate ID can get a hot beverage of their choice of any size.

Veterans, currently serving Canadian Armed Forces members and military spouses who visit Starbucks locations across Canada (either inside or at the drive-thru) can get a free tall hot brewed coffee on November 11. There's a limit of one per customer.

Remembrance Day in Canada is marked by the annual tradition of wearing poppies and there is poppy protocol that you might not know about including when to wear it and where to wear it.

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