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Hurricane Larry Is Expected To Hit These Areas Hard & People Should 'Be Prepared'

Wind gusts with the storm could lead to uprooted trees, power outages and structural damage.

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Hurricane Larry Is Expected To Hit These Areas Hard & People Should 'Be Prepared'

As Hurricane Larry heads towards Canada, an Environment Canada official has revealed what areas are expected to be hit hard and how people in the path of the storm can prepare for it.

During a briefing on the storm, Bob Robichaud, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said it's expected that the storm will track over Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula on Friday, September 10 and overnight into Saturday, September 11.

By the late afternoon or early evening on Friday, the edge of the storm should be approaching the island. The track takes it right over St. Mary's Bay but the path could move off to either side meaning it could track offshore or over the Bonavista Peninsula.

For the St. John's area, Robichaud said that between 11 p.m. on Friday and 4 a.m. on Saturday will be the worst of it.

Hurricane Larry could have wind speeds from 120 to 130 km/h with gusts exceeding that, which could result in uprooted trees, broken tree limbs, power outages and even some structural damage.

Robichaud said that since the greatest hazard with the storm is the wind, people in the path of Hurricane Larry should do what they can to secure items like patio furniture and anything in the yard that could go flying.

"Also be prepared for the possibility of power outages when we get winds of this nature," he said.

Along with the winds, the storm surge could be between at least 10 to 12 metres on the coast late Friday evening and continuing after midnight.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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