A Canadian company, Structube, is apologizing after selling garbage cans online that had "ethnic" and "religious" names.

The furniture company based in Quebec took to Twitter to apologize to anyone they offended with the misuse of culturally significant names citing it was "unintentional."

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It has been rightfully brought to our attention that naming garbage bins after anyone's name can be offensive. Structube

The names in question that were used were 'Walid' and 'Wassim' and those garbage cans were being sold for between $59-119 on Structube's website. 

The company first came under fire this week after being called out by some Canadians who said the use of these names to sell products of that nature was "grossly disrespectful."

Others even started a campaign to get the store's attention and asked that the product names be removed as well as a public apology issued.   

"Structube wishes to apologize to anyone who has been offended by this insensitive use of names. It was completely unintentional," the company wrote in a statement Thursday.

The products have been removed from their website.