Subway Canada Launched Their 'Biggest Menu Overhaul Ever' & The New System Might Confuse You

It's an entirely different way to order your sandwich. 👇

A Subway restaurant in Vancouver.

A Subway restaurant in Vancouver.

A Subway sandwich is always a good option for a quick meal, and if you have your go-to option memorized... well, things just got a shakeup.

On April 24, Subway Canada debuted an "entirely new menu" and a "completely reinvented ordering experience," according to a press release from the company.

"Introducing the 'Subway Series,' a new lineup of sandwiches, which can be ordered by name or number, taking the guesswork out of building the perfect bite," said Subway. "These culinary creations deliver a new, better ordering experience and maximum crave."

What this means is that once you've picked out which sandwich you want, you just tell the Sandwich Artists the number associated with the sandwich and they'll know what bread, toppings and sauce get paired with it.

That's a major overhaul to their previous system where customers picked out individual items, like turkey and Swiss on Italian herb and cheese, toasted, with lettuce, onions, banana pepper, pickle, chipotle sauce and black pepper — so it might be a little confusing to Subway regulars!

"The introduction of the Subway Series means guests can leave the decisions to the expert," said Chef John Botelho, Culinary Manager at Subway Canada. "With a curated balance of flavour profiles, unbeatable taste and expertly-designed ingredient combinations, ordering has never been easier."

The 15 new sandwiches in the Subway Series are:

  • Canuck Classic (#1)
  • Great Canadian Club (#2)
  • Turkey Rancher (#3)
  • Kickin' Chicken (#4)
  • Chicken Rancher (#5)
  • Teriyaki Crunch (#6)
  • Green Goddess Chicken (#7)
  • Steak'n Bacon (#8)
  • Stampede Brisket (#9)
  • Steak "N" Egg (#10)
  • Green Goddess (#11)
  • Mozzarella Bella (#12)
  • Suprimo (#13)
  • Little Italy (#14)
  • Meatballer (#15)

That being said, if the new system is a little too much for you, Subway notes that you can still order your sandy the way you used to.

"Of course, customization will always remain an option – but when Canadians taste these pairings – we know they won't just be convinced, they'll be amazed," said Subway Canada's Managing Director Doug Fry.

If you're trying to find out what the "sub of the day" is, that promo no longer exists — but, according to the Subway Canada website, you can get a $2 off one of the new sandwiches with the promo code "2SERIESFTL" for app/online orders.

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