The Most Canadian Meal Kits Exist If You Miss Sugar Shacks & Even Justin Trudeau Got One

It's maple syrup season!
Sugar Shacks Are Offering Meal Kits & Even Justin Trudeau Got One
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A bunch of sugar shacks in Quebec are offering meal kits for delivery or pickup to try and save the annual Canadian tradition and Justin Trudeau revealed that he got one.

Almost 70 sugar shacks in the province got together to create Ma cabane à la maison, a site where each provides meals for people who are missing sugar season.

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If you're in the area, you can get meal kits delivered to you or you can pick them up from the sugar shacks or at Metro grocery stores.

Justin Trudeau shared on social media that he got one delivered to his home in Ottawa.

"Even though we can't head out to the sugar shacks right now, we’re still going to enjoy their delicious treats," he said.

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