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People Are Desperate To Travel Again But Their Plans Look A Little Different This Year

Shopping is making a comeback. 🛍️

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Summer Vacations Are In Demand & What People Plan To Do Is Different

The weather's getting warmer and that means people are thinking about summer vacations, but new data shows that travel plans will look a little bit different this year.

According to a report put out by Tripadvisor, which looks at how people are planning and booking trips this summer, cities are the top choice for vaccinated travellers but nature attractions are still in high demand.

Tripadvisor says that 31.2% of experience and activity searches on its site are for nature and parks, 25.6% are for sights and landmarks, 9.4% are for shopping, and 4.2% are for outdoor activities.

In-person shopping has seen a rise in searches this year, which makes that percentage comparable to the searches for the same activity during this time in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another report from Tripadvisor in 2020 revealed that 52% of people were more likely to take an outdoor or nature trip than they were before the pandemic, which might explain why 35.4% of Tripadvisor searches this year were for outdoor activities, nature or parks.

Other top searches this year are 9.1% for tours, 6.9% for museums, 3.8% for fun and games, and 3.5% for spas and wellness.

A recent travel survey of Canadians found that 20% of those who are vaccine-hesitant would be ready to lie about their vaccination status if immunization are mandatory to travel again.

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