As the super pink moon in Canada rose into the night sky, it put on a stunning show across the country and we've got a bunch of photos you can check out if you weren't able to see it.

People all over the country got out their cameras and snapped shots of the full moon on April 26, which is considered to be the first supermoon of 2021.

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It is called a pink moon in April but that isn't because it looks pink, it's because of the springtime blooms of a wildflower that's called "moss pink." However, the moon did take on a slightly rosy hue as it crept over the horizon.

This photo taken in Calgary shows how stunningly huge the moon was as it rose above the horizon.

A supermoon can appear to be 14% larger than when it's at its farthest and can even look 30% brighter because of how close it is to Earth.

This photo shows that even as it got higher in the sky and was no longer huge at the horizon, it was still a stunning sight to see.

Also, even when it was partially covered by clouds in Whitehorse, it still managed to shine through thanks to that increased brightness.

If you missed this beautiful supermoon, there will be another one in May that you can see, which is the closest one of the year and it coincides with a lunar eclipse!

June's full moon has been classified as a supermoon by some but there's not a consensus about it. Regardless, you'll still see a spectacular show if you watch it rise over the horizon and high up in the sky.