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A Survey Revealed The Most Popular Dog Breed In Each Province & Canadians Have A Clear Fave

Fresh out of a federal election, it can feel like the country is more divided than ever, but thankfully there are still some things that can bring us (or at least some of us) — like the most popular dog breeds in Canada!

Dog food subscription service Kabo released a survey earlier this year in which they named the favourite dog breeds of 2,000 Canadian dog owners, and there's a clear winner when it comes to which is the goodest dog of all.

The Labrador retriever stood muzzle and shoulder above the crowd, with a plurality of respondents in six provinces owning Labs: Alberta (10%), Saskatchewan (15%), Manitoba (14%), Ontario (14%), New Brunswick (14%) and Nova Scotia (17%).

However, there is some room for differentiation. For instance, the survey said that the most-owned breed in Quebec (at 14%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (10%) is the German shepherd, while that honour is split in Prince Edward Island between the shih tzu and the Labrador retriever (22%). British Columbia also went with a different choice, with 11% of respondents from the province saying that they own a golden retriever!

According to the company — which only included answers about purebred dogs for "data clarity" purposes — the top 10 list of dog breeds includes Labrador retriever, German shepherd, golden retriever, Siberian husky, chihuahua, shih tzu, poodle, pitbull, pug and Yorkshire terrier.