ontario theme parks

What says summer better than going to an amusement park? If thrills, games and fun are your thing, Canada has many theme parks that are just as good as the kind you'll find across the border — minus the expensive airfare.

Some of the best amusement parks in Canada can be found in Calgary, Vancouver and Ontario, and riders can test their bravery by taking on some of the country's tallest and faster rollercoasters at these parks.

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Canada's Wonderland has received some big recognition by being named one of the top theme parks in the world to visit in 2023. The park, which is located in Vaughan, Ontario boasts towering rollercoasters, sweet treats, and more and has some new attractions on the way this year.

International airport parking distributor Looking4 recently revealed the "top 10 TikTok theme park destinations" in the world to check out in 2023. The list was composed by comparing hashtags across TikTok as well as user intent for popular destinations.

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All thrill seekers find enjoyment in going on rides that seemingly defy the laws of physics. For them, the faster, higher, steeper and loopier the rides, the better.

If you're a thrill seeker in Toronto looking for a change from Canada's Wonderland, you should definitely check out these 12 theme parks.

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