6 Amusement Parks To Visit In Canada If You Can't Afford A Plane Ticket To Disney World

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La Ronde in Quebec. RIght: A roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland.

La Ronde in Quebec. RIght: A roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland.

What says summer better than going to an amusement park? If thrills, games and fun are your thing, Canada has many theme parks that are just as good as the kind you'll find across the border — minus the expensive airfare.

Some of the best amusement parks in Canada can be found in Calgary, Vancouver and Ontario, and riders can test their bravery by taking on some of the country's tallest and faster rollercoasters at these parks.

However, if you're not into thrills, these parks also offer less heart-stopping activities, as well as games and classic fair food.

Ready to get the fun started? Here are six theme parks in Canada you'll want to check out this summer.

Canada's Wonderland

Price: $44.99+ per person

When: Opening May 5, 2023

Address: 1 Canada's Wonderland Dr., Vaughan, ON

Why You Need To Go: Located just north of Toronto, Canada's Wonderland claims to be the biggest amusement park in Canada, with over 200 attractions, including 18 roller coasters.

In fact, the theme park is home to Canada's tallest and faster roller coaster, the Leviathan, which ascends 306 feet and reaches speeds of up to 148 kilometers an hour, which is faster than most trains!

The park is also home to a 20-acre waterpark called Splash Works where you can get drenched on 17 different water slides.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


La Ronde

Price: $44.99+ per person

When: Opening May 2023

Address: 22 Ch. Macdonald, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: As the claim to Canada's second-largest amusement park, La Ronde in Montreal is home to its fair share of rides and thrills, including Goliath, a super fast "hypercoaster" that is "not for the timid," and Orbite, a drop-tower that launches you into space before letting you plummet back down to Earth.

The park also has tons of restaurants and dining options where you can get things like poutine, beer, and classic fair food.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


Calaway Park

Price: $49.95+ per person

When: Opening May 20, 2023

Address: 245 033 Range Rd. 33, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Calaway Park claims to be Western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park, with more than 30 rides, including classic attractions like a sky-high swing ride and the Vortex, a twisty rollercoaster that spins you upside down.

Besides rides, the park also offers sweet treats such ase corn dogs, sno cones, and cotton candy, and also has a number of restaurants in case you're a bit hungrier.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


PNE Playland

Price: $89+ for a season pass

When: Opening June 3, 2023

Address: 2901 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver is an amusement park with all kinds of rides including a roller coaster, bumper cars and fun kiddy rides.

The park has more than 30 rides and attractions, with everything from fun family rides to heart-stopping thrills.

One ride at the park regarded by many riders as the scariest is the aptly named Atmosfear, a swing ride that takes you 218 feet up in the air and spins at 70 kilometres per hour.



Price: $64 per person

When: Open seven days a week

Address: West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 St. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Galaxyland at the West Edmonton Mall claims to be the largest indoor amusement park in North America, with over 27 rides and play areas.

The park is also the only Hasbro theme park in Canada, and is where you'll find attractions that will give you a blast of nostalgia, like a life-size game of Operation, rides and games that take you into the world of Monopoly, and Easy Bake bites like donuts and churros.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


Sandspit PEI

Price: $24.78 for a day pass

When: Opening June 24, 2023

Address: 8986 Cavendish Rd., New Glasgow, PEI

Why You Need To Go: The Sandspit in Prince Edward Island is a classic amusement park with attractions that are great for both families and thrill seekers.

The park is home to the Cyclone, which claims to be the longest roller coaster in Atlantic Canada, as well as classics like a 70-foot-tall Ferris wheel.

In addition to rides, the park also has old-fashioned games, carnival snacks and mini-golf.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


While you'll still have to wait a bit before you can head to these amusement parks, you can start planning your trip and even purchase your tickets online.

Have a blast!

These prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.

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