Canada's 2nd Largest Amusement Park Has So Many Heart-Pounding Rides & It's Reopening Soon

You can buy tickets ahead of the opening date! 🎡

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​A person holds a lollipop at La Ronde Montreal. Right: The Tour de Ville ride at La Ronde.

A person holds a lollipop at La Ronde Montreal. Right: The Tour de Ville ride at La Ronde.

Looking for thrills this summer? You've probably heard of (and maybe even been to) Canada's Wonderland, aka the country's largest amusement park, but you might be missing out on another top Canadian theme park.

La Ronde, known as the second-biggest amusement park in Canada, is home to tons of heat-pounding and mind-blasting rides, and will soon be open for the summer.

Located in Montreal, La Ronde is home to over 40 rides and tons of things to see, do, and eat, with something for all ages.

Those looking for thrills will want to check out Goliath, a super fast "hypercoaster" that is "not for the timid."

The coaster travels at 110 kilometres per hour and blasts riders 178 feet in the air — for reference, that's nearly as high as Niagara Falls!

The ride promises twists and turns (riders will even go upside down) and has been described by visitors as a "sheer terror ride not for the faint of heart."

Other popular rides include the equally thrilling Vampire roller coaster and the Titan, a swinging pendulum-style ride that propels riders 45 metres in the air at speeds of up to 112 kilometres an hour.

If dizzying rides aren't your thing, La Ronde also has tons of family rides, including a classic Ferris wheel and a swing ride that spins riders in the air.

Beyond just rides, the amusement park also has tons of restaurants where you can get classic fair food like soft-serve ice cream, churros and hotdogs, as well as poutine, beer and, of course, Beavertails.

There are also shops where you can get novelty items like hats and glow swords and even a candy castle.

Unique to La Ronde is its fireworks competition, which takes place every summer from June to August and has been recognized as one of the most prestigious fireworks competitions in the world, and its "Techno" nights, which take place in September.

The fun at the park doesn't end once summer is over, though. Come October, La Ronde's Halloween attractions come to life, and you can get spooked by terrifying creatures that walk the park at night.

While an official opening date hasn't been announced, the park says it will be open for the season in May 2023.

If you're looking to start planning your trip now, advance tickets can be purchased online, with daily passes priced at $49.99 per person for entry on any day in 2023.

You can also buy passes for the whole season, with prices starting at $69.99 per person.

La Ronde

Price: $49.99 per person

When: Opening May 2023

Address: 22 Ch. Macdonald, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: La Ronde will soon reopen for the season with something for everyone, including thrill rides, fireworks, and carnival eats.

As Canada's second-largest amusement park, it definitely deserves a spot on your summer bucket list!

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible.


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