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Netflix just released a video update about where the top three Perfect Match couples are now, and it seems like fans are not happy with the results.

The clip revealed that none of the couples are still together, and not only are viewers sounding off about it, but one of the stars of the show is expressing how unhappy he is about the edited video.

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The final episodes of Perfect Match have been released on Netflix, and while the finale reveals that five couples make it to the end, you may have been left wondering if any of the pairs are giving it a try in real life.

While some of the couples seemed really strong at the end of the dating show, the series was filmed a year ago and a lot of things can change over that time.

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Shayne Jansen's love interests in the two reality shows he has starred in, Love Is Blind and Perfect Match, are coming together in a TikTok video to poke fun at the one thing, or person, they have in common.

Love Is Blind's Natalie Lee posted the funny TikTok video that she filmed with Perfect Match stars Chloe Veitch and Ines Tazi about Jansen, and you can probably picture how Jansen might've reacted.

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