Here's Where The 'Perfect Match' Couples Are Now & Who's Still Together After The Netflix Show

They've dropped plenty of clues online!

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel on "Perfect Match." Right: Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso on "Perfect Match."
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Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel on "Perfect Match." Right: Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso on "Perfect Match."

Courtesy of Netflix.

The final episodes of Perfect Match have been released on Netflix, and while the finale reveals that five couples make it to the end, you may have been left wondering if any of the pairs are giving it a try in real life.

While some of the couples seemed really strong at the end of the dating show, the series was filmed a year ago and a lot of things can change over that time.

The cast members haven't exactly said much about their relationship status on their social media accounts since the finale dropped on February 28, so we did some digging online to see where the final five couples are at.

Here's what we could find.

Are Dom and Georgia from Perfect Match still together?

Dom Gabriel. Right: Georgia Hassarati.

Dom Gabriel. Right: Georgia Hassarati.

@dontcalldom | Instagram, @georgiahassarati | Instagram

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati were crowned the winners of Perfect Match, but unfortunately, the couple is no longer together.

Hassarati confirmed to People that her and Gabriel tried to make it work after the show.

"We were just both in very different situations and we're both from so far away from each other, Australia, Canada. I feel like when you're in that environment you're like, 'Oh, it's going to be fine. We'll make it happen,'" she said.

Based on TikTok videos it seems like Hassarati is back with her ex Harry Jowsey who also starred in Too Hot To Handle. So in the end Hassarati did end up with a Netflix alum!

As for Gabriel, he also spoke with People and praised Hassarati.

"I think she has a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart inside and out. I think any guy that's with her is so lucky to have her, I think they're the luckiest man on Earth," he said.

"Obviously, after the show, there's distance. She's from Australia, I'm from Canada. It's hard."

Since the show premiered, Gabriel has been posting TikTok and Instagram videos poking fun at some of the things he said and did on Perfect Match and people are loving it.

In an interview with Narcity, Gabriel said he was proud of how he carried himself on the show and has no regrets.

Are Joey and Kariselle from Perfect Match still together?

Joey Sasso. Right: Kariselle Snow.

Joey Sasso. Right: Kariselle Snow.

@joeysasso | Instagram, @kariselle | Instagram

It seems like everyone wants to know if Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso are still together after getting engaged in the final episode of Perfect Match.

Viewers and fans have been flooding Snow's TikTok videos to ask if her and Sasso are still together.

Sadly, Sasso confirmed to Today that he and Snow called off the engagement after the show wrapped up filming.

“We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other,” he said in the interview and added that they do still keep in touch.

Since the show has aired Snow has been posting Instagram stories of her music and has even hinted that she will be releasing new music in 2023.

In an interview with Variety, Sasso revealed that he may have a new film coming out in a few months. In that interview he also said he wants to get into hosting. So maybe Nick Lachey will have a co-host when Season 2 comes around!

Sasso has also been promoting his Only Fans page on his Instagram.

Are Chloe and Shayne from Perfect Match still together?

Chloe Veitch. Right: Shayne Jansen.

Chloe Veitch. Right: Shayne Jansen.

@chloeveitchofficial | Instagram, @shaynejansen | Instagram

A lot of people are also curious about Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch who seemed like a strong couple in the Perfect Match finale.

In an interview with TODAY, Veitch said she had no regrets from how she handled the situation with Jansen and her ex Mitchell Eason on the show. Sadly, she also revealed she is no longer with Jansen.

However, the reality star has been hinting that she is with someone and has even posted very hard to read clues like a hand and hat in a photo of hers that caused people to play detective.

She also recently teamed up with Jansen's former fiancée from Love Is Blind, Natalie Lee, and his other ex from Perfect Match, Ines Tazi in a TikTok video. The trio poked fun that they all had one thing in common: Jansen.

Jansen on the other hand has been silent about being with someone.

Instead, he's been posting pics on social media of his time on the show and has thanked viewers for their support.

Are Bartise and Izzy from Perfect Match still together?

Bartise Bowden. Right: Izzy Fairthorne.

Bartise Bowden. Right: Izzy Fairthorne.

@bartiseb | Instagram, @izfairr | Instagram

Distance was the big issue for Bartise Bowden and Izzy Fairthorne when they discussed a relationship outside of the show. Bowden lives in Dallas, Texas while Fairthorne lives in Manchester, England.

According to People, the pair's relationship did not last and they are not together.

It looks like they are on good terms and Bowden comments on Fairthorne's posts from time to time.

Bowden has been poking fun at some of the hate he's been getting from viewers of Perfect Match with some cheeky videos on TikTok. He's also planning a trip to Costa Rica for a group of 20 people in October and it looks like anyone can buy tickets and go with the reality star on the trip.

Fairthorne on the other hand has been exploring L.A. over the past few weeks based on her Instagram account. She's also been promoting her fitness training classes.

Are Nick and LC from Perfect Match still together?

Lauren "LC" Chamblin. Right: Nick Uhlenhuth.

Lauren "LC" Chamblin. Right: Nick Uhlenhuth.

@123laurenc | Instagram, @nickuhlenhuth | Instagram

Nick Uhlenhuth and Lauren "LC" Chamblin admitted they weren't "the" perfect match in the finale of the show, but the two expressed potential in the match on their final date.

People reports the two are not together.

Uhlenhuth hasn't really hinted that he's seeing anyone, but people began speculating he may be with Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston after they posted pics with each other on New Year's Eve.

Chamblin hasn't posted pics with any potential partners, but the voiceover actor seems be on good terms with Uhlenhuth based on Instagram comments they make on each other's posts.

All 12 episodes of Perfect Match are available on Netflix.

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