A 'Perfect Match' Feud Is Brewing Between Winners Dom & Georgia & Fans Are Picking Sides

They're sharing receipts on social media. 👀

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Georgia Hassarati on Perfect Match. Right: Dom Gabriel on Perfect Match.

Georgia Hassarati on Perfect Match. Right: Dom Gabriel on Perfect Match.

Courtesy of Netflix.

The winners of Perfect Match got into a heated back-and-forth over the weekend and TikTokers are going all-out to defend one and blast the other.

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel, who won the Netflix reality dating show as a couple, are clearly not on the best of terms and it looks like it has to do with how things ended between them.

Filming of the show ended a year ago, but the final episodes of Perfect Match just finished airing last week.

Then Netflix released a "where are they now" video, which revealed none of the couples from the show have lasted and that Gabriel and Hassarati didn't even end up going on the vacation they won.

In the video, Gabriel said he and Hassarati were still talking when she went on a podcast and that's how he found out about her new relationship with Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey.

"The podcast came out and the title of the podcast was 'Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall In Love.' Yeah, I would say I was blindsided," Gabriel said.

On Saturday, Hassarati wrote a public message to Gabriel about what he said in the Netflix video on her Instagram story.

The Too Hot To Handle star wrote that Gabriel had never expressed issues with the title of the podcast she had "no say in creating."

She also implied he was dating another cast member.

"I came back to our hotel after that podcast... you conveniently left out that you were at dinner with Ines [Tazi] that night (...) didn't mention you two were in contact continuously post show either? And are dating now?" she wrote.

"Some would say I made the right choice to end things."

Hassarati also mentioned that Gabriel stopped talking to her when he started hanging out with Francesca Farago.

"This whole beautiful experience we shared together and waited a year to share with our friends and family has been ruined for me by the lies and manipulation of others," she wrote.

What did Georgia Hassarati say to Dom Gabriel on Instagram?

Screenshots of Georgia Hassarati's Instagram story on March 4, 2023.

Screenshots of Georgia Hassarati's Instagram story on March 4, 2023.

Gabriel then took to his Instagram stories to share his side of the story and he had all the receipts.

He also shared the Instagram slides on TikTok to the song Karma by Taylor Swift.

In the texts he shared, Gabriel revealed he was not alone with Ines Tazi at dinner the night of the podcast, but with other cast members and producers as well.

Gabriel also clarified he's single, that he and Hassarati didn't even talk the last time they saw each other.

"You only messaged me to talk about prize money. Which is why I stopped replying. I hung out with Francesca because instead of ghosting me after the show she actually reached out and apologized to me," Gabriel wrote in one of his Instagram stories.

Gabriel then ended his series of posts by saying he is "not happy with how this all ended" but he needed to stick up for himself and address the accusations.

Gabriel then added a video clip of Harry Jowsey on a podcast in which he's asked about how long he and his partner waited to "do the deed."

Jowsey replied it happened the day of the podcast.

Many TikTokers assume he's talking about Hassarati in the clip.


Replying to @isabelladeannaa now respectfully, leave me alone please. ✌🏽😊

TikTokers were quick to come to Gabriel's defence on his TikTok posts.


"YES SO GLAD YOURE STICKING UP FOR URSELF," another commenter said.

"Everyone is team Dom ❤️" another person expressed.

Ines Tazi also addressed the drama in her Instagram stories on Saturday and denied she's dating Gabriel.

"My relationship with Dom is a PLATONIC, unconditional (&loyal) friendship love," she wrote.

Even Chase DeMoor poked fun at the drama with a TikTok video saying, "when everyone on my cast is beefing and I'm supposed to be the dramatic villain."


Should i just sit this one out guys? #perfectmatch

The entire season of Perfect Match is available on Netflix.

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