Bartise Shared His 'Perfect Match' Regrets & How 'Strategy' Affected His Choices

He was also asked to choose between exes!

Abbey Humphreys and Bartise Bowden on Perfect Match. Right: Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden on Perfect Match.
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Abbey Humphreys and Bartise Bowden on Perfect Match. Right: Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden on Perfect Match.

Courtesy of Netflix.

Bartise Bowden is opening up about his time on two popular Netflix reality shows, Perfect Matchand Love Is Blind, and revealing some behind-the-scenes aspects that viewers maybe didn't know about.

Bowden spoke to the Zachary Reality podcast on Thursday about the overall experience, his regrets and even his opinions on his former exes.

While it's been months since we've seen Bowden on Season 3 of Love Is Blind, he revealed that he didn't get to actually see his season before he filmed Perfect Match.

The financial consultant admits he had his wedding day with former fiancée Nancy Rodriguez on July 1, 2021, then dated someone else for four and a half months starting in October 2021, before getting a week's notice about Perfect Match.

“I wish I was able to see Love Is Blind before Perfect Match that way I could’ve had some time to grow," he said in the podcast.

As for what happened on the show, Bowden says it was a competition so there was a strategy when it came to choosing a partner.

“There is a whole strategy that’s involved in this show because ultimately you’re there to win like you want to win the perfect match," he explained.

That's why he says it was tough choosing between Abbey Humphreys and Izzy Fairthorne in the final episodes because he had to figure out who he could win with.

In the finale, we did see Bowden and Humphreys get into an argument, and in the end, he chose Fairthorne as his perfect match.

The two are still in communication to this day.

“I don’t know if I can say that about any of the matches that were with me so we should’ve won," he said while also admitting he voted for Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati.

During the interview, Bowden also confirmed that no one from Perfect Match is currently together, and that includes Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow who got engaged on the show.

Bowden, who is currently single, was also put in the hot seat when he was asked which of his exes he would be more likely to get back together with, Izzy or Nancy.

“I think Izzy’s more my speed," he said and laughed. He also shared that the last time he talked to Rodriguez was when they filmed the LIB After The Altar special.

Other behind-the-scenes tidbits Bowden revealed from Perfect Match are that in between filming, when a cast member didn't match with anyone, they would be sent to a hotel room alone and would be given 30 minutes of monitored phone time a day.

"The days in the house are long and they're tiring," he explained.

"If you go into the house for two or three days, you're ready to get in the hotel, you're exhausted."

In the end, Bowden says he doesn't think he got to redeem himself in Perfect Match following his experience on Love is Blind.

He says there are some things he wishes he did differently and regrets how he communicated with Humphreys and Ines Tazi at times in the show. He will take both experiences and learn from them, he added.

“I think I look better than I did on Love Is Blind but I think that’s the product of the environment and the product of the show and Love Is Blind, you come from a show where there’s the ultimate pressure of finishing and getting to the altar and making that decision at the final moment," he said.

"We didn’t have that with Perfect Match.”

As for possible future seasons of Perfect Match, Bowden says he would love to see Cole Barnett from his season of LIB.

Bowden is also not closing any doors when it comes to going on other reality shows.

All 12 episodes of Perfect Match are available on Netflix.

The streamer also announced Love Is Blindis coming back for Season 4 on March 24 and Bowden says the season will be a "juicy" one.

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