'Perfect Match' Fans Are Shipping Dom With Ines & Here's Why They're Giving Couple Vibes

"The real perfect match."

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Ines Tazi and Dom Gabriel on Perfect Match. Right: Ines Tazi and Dom Gabriel in a TikTok video.

Ines Tazi and Dom Gabriel on Perfect Match. Right: Ines Tazi and Dom Gabriel in a TikTok video.

Courtesy of Netflix, taziines1 | TikTok

The first season of Perfect Match is over and fans now know none of the five couples have lasted after the show, but it's not stopping people from hoping two cast members will eventually get together.

Dom Gabriel and Ines Tazi didn't match on the show, but the two became good friends and continue to spend time together as seen in several videos on their social media accounts.

Gabriel won Perfect Match with Georgia Hassarati, but the two broke up shortly after the show wrapped filming and have since had a heated back-and-forth over social media about how things ended.

Tazi on the other hand left the show early after failed matches with several men on the show.

Over the course of the show, fans saw Tazi and Gabriel form a strong friendship and Tazi even expressed regret for not trying things out with Gabriel.

However, when she expressed her feelings to Gabriel, he made it clear he was with Hassarati.

Now fans have been shipping the two cast members on social media, especially when they post videos together.

On Sunday, Tazi posted a video of Gabriel doing her make-up.

The clip and cute interaction between the reality stars had fans expressing how great they are together.


I haven’t decided yet if this is genius OR realllllly bad 🤌🏻🤌🏻 @dontcalldom #perfectmatch #netflixperfectmatch

"The real perfect match," one person wrote.

"No one can convince me these two aren't end game," another person commented.

"Can u two get married please," one TikToker asked.

"Y'all been meant for each other since the kissing challenge on Perfect Match," one note reads.

For a quick recap, Tazi ranked her kiss with Gabriel an 8 and called it a really good kiss. Gabriel ranked it even higher with a 10.

Host Nick Lachey also revealed it was the longest kiss in the challenge.

On February 21, Tazi posted another TikTok video of her, Gabriel and Chloe Veitch dancing. Of course fans were quick to share that they love Tazi and Gabriel together.

"Forever shipping ines and dom," one TikToker wrote in the comments.


Clearing the bad vibes to better welcome new trauma bonds 😍😍😍 YAYYHHH #perfectmatch #netflix #fyp @itschloeveitch @dontcalldom

In February, Gabriel also posted a TikTok of him and Tazi on the red carpet at the Your Place or Mine movie premiere.

With over 5 million views, fans were clearly loving the idea of the potential couple.

"The way Ines looks at you," one person expressed, while another wrote, "The couple I called from the beginning."


Immediately got kicked off that table but honestly..wtf is my life right now? 🥹 Love y’all!!

Tazi and Gabriel denied rumours they are dating over the weekend.

In an Instagram story on Saturday, Hassarati accused Gabriel of going to dinner with Tazi after the show had wrapped filming and seemed to imply the two are now dating.

Gabriel shot back and said multiple people were at the dinner Hassarati was referring to and expressed that he's single.

Tazi also chimed in on her Instagram story on Saturday saying her relationship with Gabriel is "platonic, unconditional (&loyal) friendship love."

Even though they're denying a romantic relationship, fans still seem hopeful it will happen sooner or later.

All 12 episodes of Perfect Match are available on Netflix.

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