Shayne's 'Perfect Match' Dates Just Teamed Up With Ex Natalie From 'Love Is Blind' & Ouch

"Shayne at home with his eyes like. 😳"

"Love Is Blind's" Natalie Lee and Ines Tazi and Chloe Veitch from "Perfect Match." Right: Shayne Jansen in "Perfect Match" on Netflix.
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"Love Is Blind's" Natalie Lee and Ines Tazi and Chloe Veitch from "Perfect Match." Right: Shayne Jansen in "Perfect Match" on Netflix.

@natalieminalee | TikTok, Courtesy of Netflix.

Shayne Jansen's love interests in the two reality shows he has starred in, Love Is Blind and Perfect Match, are coming together in a TikTok video to poke fun at the one thing, or person, they have in common.

Love Is Blind's Natalie Lee posted the funny TikTok video that she filmed with Perfect Match stars Chloe Veitch and Ines Tazi about Jansen, and you can probably picture how Jansen might've reacted.

The three women joked about kissing their mutual ex-boyfriend in the clip.

"How often do you kiss your boyfriend?" Lee lip-synced in the video with stitched audio.

"Um, every week, of course," Veitch replied back as Tazi asked, "What about you?"

"Mmm, like three times a week, maybe," Lee continued.

"I didn't expect that from you and Jake," Veitch says to which Natalie answers, "No, me and Jake are fine. I thought you were asking about your boyfriend."

The three ladies then looked shocked and confused as they say "Wait, what?" to the camera.


wait what????

It looks like people loved the trio coming together to have some fun in what some would expect to be an awkward meeting.

Many replied in the comments calling the vid "iconic" and "amazing."

"The trio we didn’t know we needed," another person wrote.

"We love girls girls!!!!!! Slay ladies," another commenter chimed in.

Others said Jansen must be freaking out after seeing the video.

"Shayne at home with his eyes like 😳 in a crop top crying into a bowl of pre work out," one TikToker wrote.

Veitch also shared a comment, assuring viewers that they weren't doing it to spite Jansen.

"No hate we love Shayne ❤️- we all just have one thing in common! 🤪" she wrote.

Jansen and Lee got engaged during the second season of Love Is Blind. However, the two got into an argument the day before the wedding and didn't end up going through with it.

However, Lee recently accused her ex-fiancé of going behind her back to join Perfect Match while they were still together.

Jansen matched with Tazi early on in the Netflix show Perfect Match, but things didn't work out.

Eventually, he was paired with Veitch who ended the relationship when her former boyfriend from The Circle, Mitchell Eason, showed up.

However, in the new Perfect Match episodes released on February 28, Veitch and Jansen end up getting back together and make it to the finale.

It's unclear if the pair is still together as the show was filmed about a year ago.

Veitch has been hinting in various TikTok and Instagram videos that she's currently in a relationship. Some people seem to think it could be Jansen but we'll have to wait for confirmation!

All 12 episodes of Perfect Match are available on Netflix.

Netflix also announced this week that Season 4 of Love Is Blindwill premiere on March 24.

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