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Florida Teachers Are Clapping Back At DeSantis' Decision To Reopen Schools

Teachers have to choose between "health and livelihood."
Florida Teachers Start Petition To Reverse School Reopening Decision

A new petition by Florida teachers is circulating the internet to fight the recent decision to reopen schools. 

In a joint movement, user FL Teachers launched their initiative to get the state to back down on its order to open K-12 schools in August. 

We are living during the time of the deadly pandemic COVID- 19. Every decision by our leaders can be either life saving or life endangering.  When our leaders put politics above our best interest, we are faced with the latter.

FL Teachers

Gov. Ron DeSantis has mandated that schools stay on track with the school schedule and resume in-person learning.

Most Florida teachers and students are balking at this action, claiming that it's too risky for kids to go back to school while the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

Florida schools have been closed since March.


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