You Might See A Ghost On This Eerie Hike To ‘Florida’s Most Haunted Bridge’

Who wants to hear a ghost story?
Haunted Destinations In Florida Bellamy Bridge May Unveil Spirits On Your Visit

If you want to take a spooky adventure, the Panhandle is home to one of the most haunted destinations in Florida. Bellamy Bridge near Tallahassee is considered as "Florida's Most Haunted Bridge." This creepy structure is known for its ghostly history and surreal surroundings.

You can discover this bone-chilling structure on the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail. This unique hike is half a mile long and leads brave visitors to the abandoned spot. While you cannot cross it, you'll get major supernatural vibes while you explore the pathway that leads through the Upper Chipola River swamp. 

This eerie spot was featured in the film The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, which details the eerie history of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy. She died young in Jackson County in May 1837, leaving behind her husband, Samuel Bellamy.

Overcome by grief, Samuel took his life 15 years after his wife's untimely death. Legend has it that Elizabeth's ghost haunts the bridge to this day, walking endlessly through the swamp in desperate search of her husband. 

The story goes that she eternally wanders the area, hoping to be reunited with Samuel and find peace together. Past visitors claim to have seen mysterious lights, while some believe they saw the silhouette of a young woman wearing white

You can face your fears at this chilling place on the Bellamy Bridge Ghost Walks held each year around Halloween. You may be visited by Elizabeth's spirit on this terrifying tour that features the historic crossing, built back in 1914. 

These swamplands are super trippy, with bright colors that will make you feel like you're looking through a kaleidoscope. These harsh hues enhance the paranormal feel of the place, almost as if you've stumbled into another dimension where the dead roam. 

This creepy trail hidden deep in the Pandhandle can give you a good scare. If you're fearless, go at dusk and look closely — you may even see a ghost. 

The Bellamy Bridge

Price: Free

Address: 4057 Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail, Marianna, FL

Why You Need To Go: Travel to this haunted bridge if you think you're brave enough. 

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