This Dining Garden Is The Ultimate Weekend Spot In Florida For You & Your Besties

There's food, shopping and live events... what more could the group chat ask for?!

Two women at Sparkman Wharf. Right: The food and garden at Sparkman Wharf.
Contributing Writer, Florida

Two women at Sparkman Wharf. Right: The food and garden at Sparkman Wharf.

There's a one-stop shop full of restaurants and shops right in the heart of Tampa Bay. It's called Sparkman Wharf, and it's the ultimate bucket list destination to hang with your besties.

The trendy outdoor venue is home to indoor and outdoor dining. It's even home to a beer garden and staple eateries like JoToro — their taco fries are a customer favorite!

You can get anything from pizza to tacos — you name it, and they most likely have it. You also are supporting local chefs when you come here.


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After you grab a bite, you can take in the sights and sounds as you relish in the atmosphere. Sparkman Wharf sits in a great location right on the bay with impeccable water views that'll give everyone FOMO the second you post your pic to your social media!

From its massive stage and LED screen, the entertainment space has a recreational lawn known for hosting fun activities and live music events. There's also a good chance that you can sign up for a fitness class that takes place in the middle of the garden.

You can find this hot spot along the Garrison Channel in the downtown area.

According to the wharf's owner, Strategic Property Partners, it was named after Stephen Sparkman, one of Tampa's "original movers and shakers" who "forever changed the economic and physical landscape" of the city.

"In his legacy, Sparkman Wharf celebrates the disruptors, the people who do things differently and push our city forward," the company says.

This place is especially fun to go to for a major sporting event; with its big screen, you can have some drinks and friendly competition.

Before you leave, you can take an iconic photo of the TAMPA landmark, and then hop on a scooter and sightsee around town.

Aubrey Jackson
Contributing Writer, Florida