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A New Petition To Change Hurricane Laura's Name To Make 'Marco Polo' Is So 2020

More than 3k people have signed to unite Marco and Polo once and for all!⛈️
Petition Created To Change Name Of Tropical Storm Laura To Polo To Complete Marco Polo

Many may have fond memories of playing the swimming pool version of tag called Marco Polo, and it might make you laugh to hear that a petition has been started to change the name of Tropical Storm Laura to "Polo" to complete the name.

Tropical Storm Laura is coming in on the heels of Tropical Storm Marco, both of which are bringing stormy conditions to Florida's Gulf Coast waters this week.

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Let’s change Hurricane Laura to Polo! We can unite Marco and Polo once and for all.

Reflecting on the curious and downright strange elements of this year as a whole, the petition adds, “After all, it is 2020.”

With a goal of 5,000 signatures, the petition has reached 3,365 signatures as of this publication.

No matter what they end up ultimately being called, with Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura/Polo bringing uncertain conditions to The Gulf Coast, Floridians should do their best to be prepared and stay safe during this hurricane season.

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