Double, double toil and trouble; The Alley's new Halloween drink is straight out of a witch's cauldron.

Last year the restaurant chain had a vampire-themed blood bag that got hearts racing.

But this year, their new other-worldly Eyeball Catcher is extra terror-ific.

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It will be available at all locations across Canada from Monday, October 19 until Saturday, October 31.

Within the cup, there is a massive eyeball made out of flavoured coconut jelly.

Despite the ghastly appearance, the refreshing beverage is a delicious blend of passionfruit, lemon juice and sparkling water.

It is time to go with your 'boo crew' and try it for yourself.

The Alley

Price: $6.50

Cuisine: Bubble Tea

Address: All locations across Canada

Why You Need To Go: You can treat yourself this haunting season.

The Alley Halloween drink The Alley