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BC Says You Should Make A Candy Slide So Kids Can Still Trick-Or-Treat This Year

We should "get creative" about how we hand out treats.

It's not Halloween in Vancouver without a little trick-or-treating, and according to the BCCDC, we can still do that in the province even as there's a pandemic happening.

Their guidelines for a safe Halloween were just published and they say it's time for us to think outside the box.

When it comes to how we hand out treats to the little tricksters, we have to be more creative than ever.

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Use tongs, a baking sheet or make a candy slide to give more space when handing out candy.


In Quebec, a clever Canadian already pioneered an epic candy slide that would allow for social distancing.

This year, why not challenge yourself to build one because otherwise, you're going to be left eating that giant bag of Reese peanut butter pumpkins all by yourself.

The BCCDC says that you can have a pretty normal Halloween this year as long as you stick to their rules.

They include things like stick to small groups, give lots of space between groups, try to stay in outdoor areas as much as possible, and if the kids can't help but eat the candy while they're out then make sure they have hand sanitizer.

Plus, there should be absolutely no Halloween parties this year so stick to building candy slides instead.