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Half Of US Couples Say Their Sex Life Has Suffered During The Pandemic

There was also an increase in divorce applications.

Half Of US Couples Say Their Sex Life Has Suffered During The Pandemic
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The COVID-19 pandemic forced just about everyone in the United States to spend over a year inside, which can add complications to some romantic relationships.

A new study, done by Love Connection, compiled data from dating apps, law firms, and numerous other studies to figure out how the pandemic affected couples across the country in 2020. It seems many haven't been handling it very well.

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According to the study, couples' intimacy suffered throughout the past year as 50% of partners reported a decline in their sex life, while 27% even said they felt a decrease in relationship satisfaction. However, 46% said they had not really noticed any significant changes.

The pandemic has also done some damage to marriages in the United States, as divorce applications reportedly rose from 40% to 45% in 2020, and 20% of new marriages that had lasted under five months found it difficult to survive these trying times.

The dating world seems to have been hit hard as well. 45% of those who claim to have been going on dates before the virus hit have stopped since, but online dating through apps such as Match, Tinder, and Bumble actually thrived — the industry saw a 13% increase throughout 2020.

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