You can explore the most whimsical trail in Florida this fall. The Fairy Trail in Cassadaga, part of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, is brimming with colorful fairy wings, gnomes, flowers, and fairy dust. You can hike this trail and step into an enchanted world of fairies.

The Fairy Trail is made up of paths that run through Horseshoe Park in Cassadaga. The concept for the spiritual trail was created by Lilian Carroll and implemented in 2012, according to the Spiritualist Camp website

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The Fairy Trail is open to visitors every day from sunup to sundown. At night, the fairies are said to be hard at work. Hikers will see delicate fairy houses, a rainbow of hanging leis, and fairy wings throughout this unique trail. Visitors can sit in the Fairy Chair, a huge throne painted with wings.

The trail also features a Fairy Wings art installation created by Florida resident and artist Erica Group, unveiled in 2018 at the In Touch with Spirit Gala Day at Horseshoe Park. The installation was the fourth in Group's "Wings of the West" Series, which has gained major popularity on social media.

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp was established in 1894 to teach people about spiritualism and encourage self-exploration, according to the camp's website. All are welcome, whether they are "a believer, a skeptic, or simply curious" about spirituality. 

Cassadaga is known for its significant population of mediums and spiritual healers in touch with nature and its laws. The Fairy Trail is considered a vortex, or a point of "concentrated psychic energy" created by the spiritualist activities that take place on the trail. 

Hike Cassadaga's Fairy Trail this fall and enter a magical world of fairies!

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Fairy Trail

Price: Free

Address: 1325 Stevens St., Cassadaga, FL

Why You Need To Go: The Fairy Trail is an easy hike full of ethereal beauty. Pose with colorful fairy wings and get in touch with your spiritual side on this bucket-list hike!

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