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The Real Winner Of The Vice Presidential Debate Was That Fly On Mike Pence's Head

A star was born last night at the Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence...and it was not either one of them, actually.

It was simply a fly that landed on Mike Pence's head who became the darling of the VP debate (a title that has never been had before) and of the internet itself.

Here is how this special fellow swooped in and won the debate.

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He proved he has longevity

Generally, he proved this, as he stayed atop Mike Pence's extremely hairsprayed head for over two full minutes.

Moving around the exquisitely coifed white terrain ever so slightly, he really hung the heck on for quite a long time.

Mike Pence's head was a mechanical bull and that fly just won first place for being the first fly to be able to hold on to a political figure's hair for that long (as far as we know).

He is brave

This fly was not invited to the debate, and certainly wasn't "supposed" to be onstage — nevertheless, he persisted.

This small lad showed that he is courageous and willing to put himself right there in the fire, uninvited as he was.

This is the sort of bravery we need in a leader — someone who shows up and doesn't let adversity (in this case, that being in the form of a moving human head) keep him from achieving his goals (remaining on said head for a gleefullydumb, long amount of time).

He is a candidate of the people

This fly clearly knows what we, the American people, want and need right now: to laugh very, very hard at something extremely mundane to take our minds off the state of the world and this entire election happening in the middle of a full-blown global pandemic.

Where is he now?

We can't know for sure — he disappeared as swiftly as he arrived. 

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