'The Last Of Us' Star Pedro Pascal Is TikTok's No. 1 'Zaddy' & His Responses Are Everything

"Daddy is a state of mind."

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Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal has been in Narcos, Kingsman, Game of Thrones and Mandalorian, but ever since he made his debut as Joel Miller in The Last of Us, fans just can't get enough of the Chile-born actor.

People online have been crushing hard and according to TikTok, he's become everyone's top "daddy" and "zaddy."

And while some actors might be confused by a title like that, Pascal clearly has no problem with taking questions about it.

That's right: if you look up "Pedro Pascal Zaddy" on TikTok, it comes up with 2.4 billion views, which means people are crushing hard.

So what is a zaddy? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a "zaddy" is an attractive older man, and he doesn't necessarily have to be a daddy.

The 47-year-old actor has been asked about what he thinks about all of the attention in multiple interviews, and he seems to enjoy playing along with the entire thing.

Entertainment Tonight did an interview with Pascal at The Last of Us premiere and the outcome has become a top hit online.

In the video, Pascal is asked about being the "daddy of the internet" and he leans right into it.

He even proudly says "I am your cool slutty daddy" to the camera.


Watching ‘The Last of Us’ for Pedro Pascal, the Daddy of the Internet 🫡 #thelastofus #pedropascal

In another interview Entertainment Tonight did with Pascal and his The Last of Us co-star Bella Ramsey, the actor was introduced to his "zaddy" status and his response was everything.

When Pascal heard that the term meant "older daddy," he made it seem like he was not impressed with being labelled as "older."

"There is nothing about old that starts with the letter 'z.' You know what I'll take it, I'm not offended," he said.

"I don't even have any kids."


Pedro Pascal has earned the 'zaddy' title and he's keeping it... even if he doesn't exactly know what it means. 🤭 #pedropascal #thelastofus

TikTokers have also been getting creative, putting together montages of Pascal's previous roles and interviews.

One person created a video by combining all of the clips where Pascal talks about being a "daddy."

"Daddy is a state of mind. I'm your daddy," Pascal says in one of the clips.


🫡 he said it #pedropascal #pedropascaldaddy #pedropascalzaddy #pedropascaledit

In another clip, Pascal is asked about the internet being "enamoured" with him, seemingly referencing all the online attention.

He appears to feel awkward about it and tries to deflect from the question by asking "what kind of name is Pedro Pascal?"

However, that just seemed to make him more appealing based on a majority of the comments calling him "cute," "so fine," "humble" and "Papi."


Pedro Pascal can’t take a compliment ❤️ “The Mandalorian” director Rick Famuyiwa shares the love for our favorite Zaddy. #pedropascal #pedropascaledit #themandalorian #celebrityinterviewmoment #fyp #funnyinterview

Then there's the TikTok based on Pascal's Vanity Fair lie detector test in which he's asked whether he think's he's a heartthrob.

He tried to say no, but the test called him out on it.

There'll be plenty of Pedro to see on your TV screen this year, with The Last Of Us airing right now on HBO every Sunday and The Mandalorian returning to Disney+ on March 1.

Now, if only the Star Wars people could get him to take that helmet off..

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Associate Editor, Global
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