11 Canadians To Follow On Instagram For Some Out-Of-This-World Home Envy & Inspo

Colour us green with plant envy. 🌱

These 11 Home Decor Instagrams Will Give You Total Home Envy
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If you've spent the last year of your life stuck inside like the rest of us, you're no doubt looking for some home decor inspiration to spruce up your living space.

These 11 Instagrammers — professional designers or not — provide all the inspo you'll ever need, whether you want a chic mid-century modern home or anything that helps make your 600-square-foot apartment feel bigger.

And some of these influencers even post their DIY process, so you can beautify your home from scratch!

Living By Lo

This entire Instagram account feels like you've tapped into a fairy world, but this is a real house in Montreal and it's gorgeous. With pastels, mirrors and plenty of light, Lo's house looks like it was built and designed in a dream.

At Home In The Prairies

This Winnipeg house is the epitome of millennial mid-century, with lots of soft brown, white and green tones. Owner Leah also posts some behind-the-scenes photos of her renovating, so you get the inside scoop on how to make your living space look as nice.

Hana's Happy Home

Another DIYer, Hana specializes in small spaces — so her account is perfect for those of us who are surviving in our one-bedrooms and studios. Whether you're decorating a bookshelf or setting up a baby room, you'll learn a tip or trick (or two) from Hana.

To Call A Home

Daniel and Sally's home in Ontario is as sleek as sleek gets. If you don't get some style ideas from their gorgeous living room or kitchen, you'll definitely discover just how many types of lighting you can fit into one home.

Curtis Elmy

Curtis Elmy is a Toronto-based interior designer and one of the operators of Atmosphere Interior Design. His Instagram account includes plenty of shots from all kinds of different clients, so if you're looking for some good, high-end inspo, this is the account for you.

600 Sq Ft And A Baby

House decor inspiration is nice, but what about apartment decor inspiration? Alison Mazurek lives with two children in a 600-square-foot apartment and still manages to have decor that would inspire envy in anybody with a mansion.

The Sorry Girls

If you live in Ontario and ever want to try a DIY home project, you're going to want to follow the Sorry Girls. Not only do they post jaw-dropping home content, but they've also made a habit of highlighting other great DIYers on Instagram so your list of accounts to follow will always be growing.

The Lifestyle Loft

Burlington's Bilha Kangethe is a professional interior decorator/stylist, and her company's Instagram proves it without any doubt. Her account features all sorts of designers and styles, so there's a bit of inspo for everybody.

Nyla Free Designs

Another pro decorator, Nyla Free's IG features homes to die for. Free posts photos of houses that she's staged as well as posts from her own home — like this gorgeous sunny nook. Who can say no to a nook?

The Chipped Paint Revival

The Chipped Paint Revival is another great before-and-after account to make you feel ashamed of how hard it feels to put up a picture frame sometimes. Also if anyone can let us know how to get plants that look half as healthy as these ones, we'd appreciate it.

Cloe Thomson

Finally, Cloe Thompson's house feels like it was dragged straight out of the '70s but somehow all the shag carpet stayed behind. If you can't resist an exposed wood beam, we highly recommend you click quickly.

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer