After a year of trying to come up with things to do that follow public health guidelines, it's only natural that some of us may be running out of ideas.

And if you need a little inspiration for things to do, The Adventure Challenge books can serve up over 150 adventure ideas. 

An adventure guide and keepsake bundled up into one cute package, you can choose from the couple, friend, or family editions - or bundle them up.

A single book goes for $55 CAD, and includes scratch-off adventures as well as space to glue in photos or write comments.

The brand also sells a book and camera package, so you can easily capture your soon-to-be treasured memories.

Plus, Narcity readers can get 10% off their purchase with the code NARCITYMEDIA.

The Adventure Challenge

Once the book is opened, you're able to browse through and pick a title that sounds fun at random, or do each adventure in the order of book and scratch off your task.

The Adventure Challenge

It's a great gift for someone special, or even yourself, to keep the spice in life when your options may be limited due to the pandemic. 

The Adventure Challenge

Price: Start your adventure for roughly $50!

Details: Save 10% on all orders with code: NARCITYMEDIA