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These Last-Minute Back-To-School Tech Essentials Will Help You Start The Fall Semester Right

You’ve got this.

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These Last-Minute Back-To-School Tech Essentials Will Help You Start The Fall Semester Right

Back-to-school season is officially here, and students in Canada are ready to make the most of it. Right now, you can grab a few things that’ll keep your transition back into the classroom super smooth — and even fun.

These days, there’s a tech solution for everything, and you can get ‘em all at The Source. Not only is this the place to snag the latest life-saving gadget, but the folks at these shops also have all the expert tech know-how that you could ever need.

When it comes to school, staying prepared, organized and connected can make a huge difference in your whole experience.

Whether you're taking off for your final semester at uni or ringing in your first year of high school, these tech essentials from The Source will set you up for success this term.

Get Into The Zone

mentatdgt | Pexels

If you need to blow off some steam in between study sessions, the Beats Fit Pro headphones are sweat and water resistant — ideal for gym rats. Bonus: keep the portable charging case in your bag so you can recharge on the go — whether it’s at the gym or library.

Noisy roommates? Sony over-ear headphones from The Source will block out all the distractions with noise cancellation, and there's an "ambient mode" option for when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Get Inspired

Michael Burrows | Pexels

Whatever you're studying, a good tablet and laptop can make all the difference. The Acer Spin gives you the best of both worlds: fold the 13.3-inch laptop into a tablet or prop it up in “tent mode.”

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ offers just as much storage — 256 GB with a slightly smaller 12.4-inch screen. Plus, if you're feeling extra creative, it comes with an S pen to design and draw with.

Binge Watch Your Fave Shows

Ron Lach | Pexels

All work and no play is never a good idea — and who said you can’t do both? Multitaskers will love the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, which allows you to use up to three apps at once across its two screens.

If you need an entertainment break with the whole dorm, connect the Roku Express Streaming Player to your residence’s communal TV to stream your favourite sports, music, movies and more (without paying extra).

Entertain Your Mates

Ron Lach | Pexels

Fun is an integral part of the school year, and you can gear up for the best time ever at The Source.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the perfect game to get you and your friends up, active and laughing together. If you're looking for the ideal TikTok setup, the 360 Auto-tracking gimble can fit multiple people in the frame — while also tracking you as you move around the space.

Get That R&R

Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

Socializing should always be balanced out by some good ol’ "me time.” With products like Bluetooth Sunglasses or the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, you'll be able to listen to your fav music and keep track of your progress as you walk.

Pro tip: ensure you're getting the most of your sleep through the watch’s advanced sleep coaching and tracking.

Game On

Ron Lach | Pexels

If you moved into a college residence and couldn’t bring your beloved console with you, fret not: Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller takes mobile gaming to the next level.

It connects to your phone like a case so you can play with better comfort, grip and control. Online gamers can keep on pwning their friends back home on the MSI Katana CF66 Gaming Laptop. Its 6-core processor supports up to 4.5GHz for great performance during gameplay.

Jam Out With Your Friends

Tima Moroshnichenko | Pexels

The key to a memorable dorm party is definitely a good speaker. The Headrush Rave Speaker will light up any space with its seven different light-show options and party settings, while the waterproof and dustproof Bose Soundlink Flex will bring the party with you — inside or outside.

If you need to unwind, these speakers can help with that too. Fill your dorm with zen music and let the world melt away.

Get Work Done Wherever You Are

Mihai Vlasceaunu | Pexels

Whether you’re cramming a study sesh on the commute to school or you’re in the middle of working on a group project when your laptop dies, having on-the-go access to your course material is a must.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone is not only super cute and retro, but it also allows you to do two things at once with its dual-screen. The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G is like your own mini office at your fingertips – wherever you are, you can accomplish what you need to get done.

Studying is super important — but so is taking care of yourself and connecting with friends.

Make your life easier in every way possible this back-to-school season. Whether you need help tackling those group projects or some tech to make the good times even better, The Source has it all.

Gear up and dive into your school year head-on. You've got this!

For more back-to-school essentials, visit The Source website or follow them on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.