Hop on your broomsticks, because every witch and wizard is going to want to visit this enchanting new store. You don't need to travel by Floo powder to Diagon Alley in order to complete your magical shopping list. Toronto's Harry Potter shop is opening this weekend, and you'll want to spend your entire Gringotts savings there.

Something not-so-wicked this way comes! A brand new Harry Potter store is opening near Toronto, and it's the largest one in Canada.

Located in the Pickering Town Centre Mall, the shop is hosting its grand opening on Saturday, August 1. 

Boasting 3,000 square feet of magic, the Wizards Emporium will transport you into the pages of your favourite fantasy series. 

One side of the store consists of a Muggle gift shop as well as a British candy store, where you can indulge in goodies like Knight Bus candies. 

Apparate your way over to the other side, where you'll find yourself surrounded by tons of Harry Potter merch. 

Snap a photo at Platform 9 3/4 as you head through the barrier with your trolley, and visit the Hallows Express Wand Shop to cast some spells of your own.

You can even take part in some classes, such as Potions and Wand Law. Don't worry, Professor Snape won't be around to watch you brew. 

There are all sorts of themed products available to purchase, from wizard's chess to mugs and clothing.

Hagrid will be attending the grand opening, along with a Hungarian Horntail dragon. Better bring your Monster Book Of Monsters along with you to this event!

There will over 1,500 prizes available during the grand opening, so sip some Felix Felicis and hope for some luck.

This fall, witches and wizards alike can climb on board the Hallows Express and fight against evil at the Wizard's Festival.

Tickets for the festival are already available, so you'll want to grab some before they disappear. 

Climb out of your cupboard under the stairs and visit this magical shop, which will definitely leave you spellbound.

Wizards Emporium

When: Grand opening August 1, 2020

Address: 1355 Kingston Rd., Pickering, ON

Why You Need To Go: Live out your wizard dreams at this massive Harry Potter store.

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