This Instagram Account Finds The Best Costco Deals In Canada

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Deputy Editor, Social Publishing

Some heroes don't wear masks, and we've recently stumbled upon one. There is an amazing Instagram called Costco Finds Canada, and they've made it their mission to help Canadians discover the coolest new and existing products at Costco Canada.

This account has everything: bizarre and unique items, tons of Christmas stuff, unusual food and even gigantic toys for the holidays.

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Not only are these items things you'd never think to look for, but many of them can't be found online, which makes them even more valuable finds.  

Check out some of the best items and deals you'll find at Costco Canada.

Unique Items

A gigantic gingerbread house

Vintage bookshelf-edition games

Gourmet chocolate liquor bottles

Christmas Stuff

Evil Grinch Christmas trees

Illuminated frames

Pre-lit trees

Weird Food

A Hawaiian carrot cake

Giant Simpsons-style donuts

Ugly sweater cookies

Giant Toys 

Jumbo plushies

Massive Play-Doh drums

1,500 assorted Lego pieces

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Jeremy Hazan
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing