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Cherry Point Farm & Market Michigan Lavender Labyrinth

You can get lost in a fragrant lavender labyrinth for the ultimate calming experience at this farm in Shelby, Michigan

The owners of the Cherry Point Farm & Market invite people to explore the labyrinth so that they can find their center. 

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Everybody enters the labyrinth in their own mental space. Barbara Bull

"The labyrinth is an ancient spiral pattern which, when walked, is thought to be a spiritual journey, and symbolic of one's path in life," states the farm's website

The owners like to make it clear that the lavender display is not a maze meant to confuse visitors, but a place to simply get lost in. 

"There’s a big difference between a maze and a labyrinth," shared Barbara Bull, the owner of the farm. "A maze is a puzzle, it’s a form of entertainment, where a labyrinth is this wonderful, thoughtful, contemplative, meditative walk."

A stroll through the sea of fragrant purple flowers takes around an hour and it's about two miles long. 

If you want to take part in this relaxing experience, visitors of Cherry Point Farm & Market are welcome to explore the labyrinth for free — but you should totally pick up some fresh fruits & veggies too.

While you're there, it's worth visiting the farm's massive herb garden as well, which is made up of 12 interlocking circles of dozens of herbs. 

Cherry Point Farm & Market Lavender Labyrinth

Price: Free!

Address: 9600 W. Buchanan Rd., Shelby, Michigan

Why You Need To Go: To get lost in a sea of fragrant purple flowers for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

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