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Serenity Salt Cave Spa In Georgia Near Atlanta Is The Perfect Place For A Self-Care Day

After a stressful last few months, hitting the spa or going on a weekend vacation might be on the list of things to do soon. A little self-pampering is always a good thing, and there are many places in The Peach State where you can do just that. Visting one of the best spas in Georgia will relax you and give you an experience like no other. 

Serenity Salt Cave in Snellville, Georgia just outside Atlanta will help heal your stresses, both physically and mentally. It'll feel like you've traveled thousands of miles away from the city as soon as you step into the cave.

According to Serenity Salt Cave's official website, Halotherapy can produce calming and detoxifying effects that support immune, nervous, and lymphatic system health from the negatively charged ions that salt produce.

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Their website goes on to explain how the floor is made out of pink Himalayan salt crystals and the air is even infused with rich negative ions.

The rose-colored Himalayan Salt is also said to contain 84 natural elements that your body can use for health and healing.

Serenity Salt Cave says their little slice of zen is the first salt cave of its kind in the state of Georgia. There's also one in Tennessee that has gotten some attention too.

A single session in the cave is $30, but if you see yourself needing a little extra pampering, a four-session pass will save you a little cash at a $100 price point. Frequent salt spa-goers can get unlimited visits with a $150 monthly pass as well.

Each session lasts about 45-minutes, and it might be some of the most peaceful moments you've had in a while.

While in the cave, you'll leave your phone behind so you'll have every opportunity to truly relax your mind. The website suggests keeping it quiet and not talking during your session as well.

You'll take a seat in one of the reclining chairs, listen to the classic music and just relax. If you've never meditated before, this spot is the perfect excuse to dip your toe in.

On your next visit, you can also plan to attend one of the spa's yoga or meditation classes. Whatever you decide to do, you deserve it — everyone needs a little rest and relaxation.

Serenity Salt Cave 

Price: $30 single sessions; package options also available

Address: 2415 Heritage Village, Suite 3, Snellville, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can sit back and relax in this beautiful salt cave for that self-care day you deserve. 

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