This Restaurant Is Giving Out Free Tacos Across Canada But Only If Your Name Is Karen

The restaurant wants to apologize to all Karens who may have been offended by their "harmless joke."

Calgary Staff Writer
This Restaurant Is Giving Out Free Tacos Across Canada But Only If Your Name Is Karen

A Canadian restaurant chain is giving away free tacos to anyone called Karen after one of its restaurants came under criticism for a billboard campaign.

strEATS Kitchen ran a "harmless joke" outside their Calgary store saying that "everyone's welcome, except you Karen, no taco's for you!" but the promotion backfired.

Now, the restaurant has created a video of a fake complaint in their restaurant. The video shows a woman complaining at staff and then a manager steps in offering her and anyone called Karen a free taco on February 11, on what it has dubbed “National Karen Day”.

In the Instagram post, the restaurant launched a campaign pledging to “break the stigma” against Karens, alongside a “charity” partner Karen for Karens.

StrEATS restaurants in Alberta, B.C., Ottawa and Winnipeg will be running the offer. Customers must show government ID to receive their free tacos.

The restaurant said in light of being "all-inclusive", it wanted to make sure all Karen’s are taken care of this “National Karen Day”.

"We got your complaints... and we heard you loud and clear," it added.

“To make it up to all the Karen’s we offended on National Karens Day (February 11)... We are giving away free tacos to anyone with the [sic] Karen.”

strEATS Kitchens

Price: 💸 (free if you're called Karen!)

Address: 125-555 11 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB

They serve delicious street food at affordable prices across Canada while aiming to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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