This TikTok Captures The Reality Of Celebrating Halloween In Canada & The Pain Is Too Real

Is the candy worth facing the cold? 😅

Emily handing out candy. Right: Canadian costumes on Halloween.
Associate Editor

Emily handing out candy. Right: Canadian costumes on Halloween.

Anyone who has ever celebrated Halloween in Canada knows that, well, it can get pretty chilly out there.

In fact, it's hard to count the number of times the best Halloween costumes get absolutely ruined because of the weather.

Well, a Canadian TikToker captured that vibe in one single video and, well, it's honestly all too real.

Emily, who posts "all that Canadian content you didn't ask for" under the handle @ehyoitsemily, recently shared a video on TikTok that is such a vibe.

In it, she features what a normal trick-or-treater is supposed to look like, with a recognizable costume, getting candy.

And then you have a "Canadian Halloween," where the person is actually wearing their costume over their winter jacket.

In fact, they're so decked up in winter gear the costume is unrecognizable.

"And what are you, sweetie?" the person handing out candy asks.

"I don't even know what I'm supposed to be anymore," the trick-or-treater replies.

"I'm somehow sweating and freezing. Just please give me some candy so I can go home," they say.


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Sound familiar?

Well, the video has racked up over 361,000 views since it was posted a day ago and the Canadians in the comments seem to understand the feeling.

"This is the most I’ve ever related to a video," one comment read.

"At that point they get extra for just survival," another joked.

"Every kid from Canada has cried at some point cause their mom made them wear ski pants and they didn’t want to ruin their costume," another said.

She's not the only one joking about the utter confusion of being both freezing cold and super hot under their Halloween costume.

Comedian Ryan Sutherland shared a similar TikTok video capturing the pain every Canadian trick-or-treater has to face when collecting candy.


trick or treat ⛄️❄️👁👄👁

"Please, I'm sweating and numb at the same time," he says. Relatable, eh?

Happy Halloween, Canada. Stay warm!

Janice Rodrigues
Associate Editor
Janice Rodrigues was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian immigration and passports, and is based in Scarborough, Ontario.