A TikToker Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating Thanks To Facebook & The Red Flags Were Wild

"This is nauseating."

The TikToker in a viral video. Right: The TikToker in another viral video.
Texas Staff Writer

The TikToker in a viral video. Right: The TikToker in another viral video.

Sneaky cheaters and illicit love affairs seem to always get exposed somehow. For one Florida woman recently, it was a Facebook group dedicated to locals asking, "Are we dating the same guy?" that helped her find out her boyfriend was, indeed, cheating on her.

The unlucky woman, Mikayla Miedzianowski, bared it all out on TikTok over this past month, revealing how she discovered a post in the popular Facebook group with a picture of her boyfriend from another woman saying he had "lots" of red flags.

The 23-year-old first posted the TikTok moments after she found out, unbeknownst to her then-boyfriend, which has since gone viral, gaining 10.1 million views and 1.4 million likes that prompted Miedzianowski to go into more detail about what went all down..


*records myself to laugh at later bc my life is a joke* ps I’m still not laughing 🫠

The Tampa, FL, woman revealed she first suspected her boyfriend was unfaithful when she found glitter in the front seat of his car despite not owning "anything that would leak glitter." The guy apparently "thought" he cleaned it off.

Even more incriminating, Miedzianowski claimed they were watching a movie on his laptop one night when he received a text from an unsaved number with some NSFW content about his private parts. The TikToker said she was "stupid enough" to stay with him after that.

As time went on, the guy seemed to have had relations with yet another woman.

Miedzianowski found a post with the guy’s picture on the "Are we dating the same guy?" Facebook page and went to have an enlightening conversation with the poster. The popular Facebook group is a space where women can share suspicions about cheaters.


Replying to @milaanairr the long awaited screenshots have arrived. Just wait until you see the screenshots of what he was sending me that night 😅 #greenscreen #chickennoodlesoupguy

A Facebook commenter let her know that her boyfriend had pursued her friend by making out, dancing, and asking for her phone number but stopped communication when she noticed Miedzianowski in her profile pic. The guy apparently even asked the original poster out after her friend cut ties as well.

So, with all the damning evidence Miedzianowski was faced with, she decided to confront him.

"Once he got out of the shower, I showed him the messages with shaking hands, and he confessed immediately to cheating on me," she told NeedToKnow, according to The Independent. "And not just the two times I knew of, but more times than he even remembered."

The wild thing is that there were no red flags for Miedzianowski leading up to his cheating, she said in another clip that showed them happily dancing together "the night before he did it."


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That idea freaked some viewers out as a few people were leaving some "THAT IS TERRIFYING" or "this is nauseating" type of comments.

Nevertheless, TikToks show Miedzianowski seems to be handling everything as best as she can post-breakup, living her best Blair Waldorf life on a Paris, France vacation.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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